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Nevow support for lore. DEPRECATED.

Don't use this module, it will be removed in the release of Twisted after 2.3. If you want static templating with Nevow, instantiate a rend.Page() and call renderString (or renderSynchronously) yourself.

Do something like:
 lore -inevow --config pageclass=some.module.SomePageSubclass [other-opts]
Maintainer: Christopher Armstrong
Function parseStringAndReport Undocumented
Function nevowify Undocumented
Class NevowProcessorFactory Undocumented
Function ____wait .
def parseStringAndReport(s): (source)
def ____wait(d): (source)
def nevowify(filename, linkrel, ext, url, templ, options=None, outfileGenerator=tree.getOutputFileName): (source)
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