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Interface ICredentials I check credentials.
Interface IUsernameHashedPassword I encapsulate a username and a hashed password.
Interface IUsernamePassword I encapsulate a username and a plaintext password.
Interface IAnonymous I am an explicitly anonymous request for access.
Class CramMD5Credentials Undocumented
Class UsernameHashedPassword Undocumented
Class UsernamePassword Undocumented
Class Anonymous Undocumented
Interface ISSHPrivateKey I encapsulate an SSH public key to be checked against a users private key.
Class SSHPrivateKey Undocumented
Interface IPluggableAuthenticationModules I encapsulate the authentication of a user via PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules. I use PyPAM (available from http://www.tummy.com/Software/PyPam/index.html).
Class PluggableAuthenticationModules Undocumented
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